National Space Grant Distinguished
Service Award Nomination Form

The National Space Grant Distinguished Service Award was established to recognize individuals whose life and career have had an enduring impact in a science, engineering, or education field that is related to aeronautic, aviation, or space endeavors. In submitting this nomination please consider the following:

  1. The candidate’s connection to the Space Grant mission. Although other submissions will be considered, candidates who are involved in science, engineering, or education fields and whose work was directly tied to aeronautic, aviation, or space endeavors will be given preference.
  2. The candidate’s contribution to this mission. Did the candidate go above and beyond their nominal responsibilities in their field. Was their contribution outside the normal scope of thier responsibilities.
  • Information on Nominator

  • Information on Nominee

  • Please provide a detailed statement setting forth the basis for this nomination. This statement should be in paragraph form and not be a list of links to websites. Please limit your statement to 4000 characters or less.

If this nominee is selected for the award you will be asked for the following information:

  • First draft of a citation for use on the Foundation website and in the award ceremony handout materials.
  • Recommendation on the method of contacting the awardee